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Steve Ryan recommends this course by @MarcusATaylor to other artists. Great for pros or beginners.

Awesome @audi A7 TDI 2014. Wow

Awesome @audi A7 TDI 2014. Wow

Charlie Kelsey- Anybody Female Rapper Newburgh to Sacramento - R&B / Hip Hop Music Video - BEAT100

Real Time (Jam House Instrumental) #steveryan #videos #music

At its Largest Truck Plant, Volvo Recognized for Leadership in Energy Efficiency

At its Largest Truck Plant, Volvo Recognized for Leadership in Energy Efficiency


One Better Buildings, Better Plants partner, Volvo Group North America, has achieved 16% savings across all of its U.S. plants, moving rapidly toward its longer-term goal of 25% improved energy efficiency within ten years. Volvo Group has improved the energy intensity (e.g., energy required per truck) at one plant — the New River Valley plant in Dublin, Virginia — by 26% over a three year period.

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ASMO Charger Could be Future of Mobile Charging

ASMO Charger Could be Future of Mobile Charging


ASMO Charger looks modest and the idea behind it is simple – yet it’s a
gadget that has the potential to revolutionize the electricity
consumption in the whole world.

Mobile charging devices do not consume electricity only when they are in
use, but always while plugged in. This is a problem that big mobile
manufacturers have been trying to solve with no success. ASMO is the
first charger in the…

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Facts about green building

Facts about green building


When we talk of green building, many people aren’t really sure what the whole thing is. It is a complex notion with so many factors involved, and if you are a fan of living green then you should definitely read through this article.

If you are struggling with the term ‘green building’, chances are you may have heard of it under another name – sustainable building or green construction.

This kind…

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RT @ganstamarcus: Miley Cyrus Anaconda’s Butt Photos @DesignMiley @ughsocyrus @MileyxDaily @CyrusCouturexx @TheMiley…

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Britain Goes Sustainable Vending Machines with GEM Vending

Britain Goes Sustainable Vending Machines with GEM Vending


Many people don’t realise that they can make a range of ethical choices whilst away from their homes. Many people use vending machines without a second thought of how the products were sourced and traded.

So look out for the Fair Trade logo ( or the Rainforest Alliance logo (…

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Don’t Let Mother Nature Get A Hold Of Your Wallet

Don’t Let Mother Nature Get A Hold Of Your Wallet


It’s human nature to want what we don’t have. For instance, if it’s hot outside, you yearn for the cold— and if it is cold out, you crave the heat. There are ways, however, to beat the weather in both the late summer and upcoming fall season: all you need to do it look up.

Your roof is the main contributor to the temperature maintenance in your home, and you guessed it, your heating and cooling…

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New Luxury Eco Resort Opens on Greek Island of Ios

New Luxury Eco Resort Opens on Greek Island of Ios


A New Greek Formula Takes Hold in the Cyclades

LuxurIos Island Experience Delivers Luxury Travel with Meaning

Luxury eco-resort travel company LuxurIOS is delighted to announce the opening of Agalia Suites, a new boutique hotel near the whitewashed village of Chora on the Greek island of Ios. The new property along with its outdoor Pathos Loungerepresent a new approach to travel in Greece, mixing…

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Green Your Road Trips This Year

Green Your Road Trips This Year


Summer and fall are prime seasons for hitting the open road and exploring the sights across the country. Whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic getaway or just a fun time with friends, high gas prices and auto emissions are a financial and environmental factor. Before you jump in your car and go where the GPS takes you, consider these eco-friendly road trip best practices for a greener…

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Rare Earth Metals Market worth 192,000 Tons by 2018

Rare Earth Metals Market worth 192,000 Tons by 2018


PRNewswire/ — The report “Rare Earth Metals Market by Type (Lanthanum, Cerium, Neodymium, Praseodymium, Samarium, Europium, & Others), and Application (Magnets, Metals Alloys, Polishing, Additives, Catalysts, Phosphors, & Others) – Global Trends & Forecast to 2018″, defines and segments the global rare earth metal market with analysis and forecasting of the global volume and revenue. The rare…

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